To some people it is just a chef’s jacket, but at Australia Tailor we take the care others don’t to perfect the best uniform jackets at a genuinely fair price. Our styles are based in the traditions of kitchen uniforms and retain all the features that many competitors’ jackets have now lost; we have also introduced modern lightweight fabrics in vibrant colours. Our Chef Jacket range, is about modern innovative design and fabric from cotton, tetron cotton and polyester giving more durability with less weight.
  Australia Tailor energizes the atmosphere in restaurants and kitchens all over Malaysia by providing custom solutions with as much character and flavor like the incorporation of Batik and Kain Songket  

Made to Order Clothing
Just as the best recipes benefit from the highest quality ingredients, the perfect combination of flavors and the most stunning presentation, so does your uniform. At Australia Tailor you can create the perfect visual representation of your character and style because every order is made to order. You choose your product, fabric, size, pockets, buttons--everything.


Let your customers know from their first glance what kind of enterprise yours is through the design of your uniform. We make our products after you have placed your order and have the ability to produce clothing that is exactly what you want.
  In addition to custom kitchen uniforms, we also provide various uniforms to the corporate sectors and various industries including:

    - Government Departments   - Hospitals  
    - Factories   - Etc  

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